pulyGRIND® Crystals


Coffee grinder cleaner

Coffee grinders play a fundamental role in the preparation of an espresso or filter coffee. In the grinding chamber, the first transformation of the bean takes place, and good grinding starts with clean burrs and blades, ensuring uniform coffee particle size and no unpleasant odors transferred to the coffee grounds. Used every 24-36 hours, pulyGRIND® Crystals ensures clean burrs and better espresso.

pulyGRIND® Crystals is the specific product designed to free flat and conical burrs and grinding chambers from coffee deposits: it comes in the form of a powder made of small crystals, with extremely high absorbent power for oils and fats. Passing through the burrs, the crystals clean them from coffee deposits. It complies with European regulations and it is part of the “Verde” line, as it is made with natural and renewable products.
All ingredients of pulyGRIND® Crystals are of natural origin and completely renewable; it is gluten-free, free from allergenic substances and it does not release any dust when used.

Cleaning tips

The journey that transforms coffee beans into espresso begins in the coffee grinder. Between the grinding teeth of the burrs, coffee beans are crushed with the desired particle size. During the process, particles tend to accumulate between one blade and the other and inside the burr teeth, reducing the distance between the discs or cones, thus affecting the size and consistency of the coffee powder.
Additionally, this build-up consists of fats and oils that, due to the temperature generated when the machine is in operation, become rancid in just a few hours, conveying unpleasant flavours to the coffee.
pulyGRIND® Crystals granules remove deposits in just a few seconds.

Step by step

Burrs and grinding chamber – Weekly cleaning

  1. close the bean hopper gate, grind the remaining coffee and empty the doser; remove the hopper
  2. pour a dose of pulyGRIND® Crystals in the grinding chamber
  3. put the hopper back in place, activate the grinding for 3-5 seconds, then open the bean hopper gate and grind around 10 gr of coffee to discard.