pulyBAR® Igienic


Surface cleaner and hygieniser

Cleaning is an important requirement at the bar counter. pulyBAR® Igienic, used regularly, ensures cleanliness and hygiene of all surfaces. It is indeed bacteriostatic, meaning it limits or inhibits the proliferation of germs and bacteria, tested and certified in accordance with the UNI EN 13727 standard.
pulyBAR® Igienic ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of surfaces, not only at the end of the shift but also throughout the day. It complies with HACCP regulations and it is particularly suitable for completely removing food residues, traces of rancidity, oils, and fats.
pulyBAR® Igienic is part of the “Verde” product line and offers sustainable cleaning thanks to its effective formulation with plant-based ingredients. It is non-flammable and leaves no residue.

Available formats

1 liter spray bottle

Cleaning tips

Operators performing food preparations shall consider minimising the risks associated with safety and hygiene.
pulyBAR® Igienic, when used regularly, ensures hygienic conditions on all surfaces. It can be used on stainless steel, lacquered or painted surfaces (such as the body of the espresso machine and grinder), on the outer surface of hoppers, as well as slicers, cutting boards, work surfaces, fridge counters, glass racks, glass surfaces, and much more.
Simply spray the product, wipe it with a cloth or paper towel, and in 30 seconds, the product performs its sanitising action without leaving any unwanted odors or scents. No rinsing is required.

Step by step

External surfaces – daily cleaning

  1. spray pulyBAR® Igienic directly on the surface
  2. spread with a clean cloth
  3. wait 30 seconds