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Sustainable cleaning products for espresso machines and coffee grinders, along with recycled and recyclable packaging: discover pulyCAFF®’s commitment to sustainability.

The Verde line

The ongoing research in pulyCAFF® laboratories focuses on developing products that combine effectiveness and practicality while also prioritising environmental sustainability, a commitment that has been upheld for many years. Our “Verde” line is among the results of this continuous research. In 2014, pulyCAFF® Verde was launched on the market, a cleaning product made with a blend of water-soluble natural ingredients and surfactants from renewable sources of natural origin. Since then, the line has been extended with numerous cleaning products for steam wands, grinders, grinder hoppers, and surfaces.

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Recycled plastics packaging

Eliminating plastic pollution is crucial for our planet, and pulyCAFF® has long been playing its part in researching packaging with a significant percentage of recycled and recyclable plastic. The bottles of pulyMILK® Plus and pulyMILK® Verde for steam wand cleaning are “100% Recycled Plastic,” as highlighted on the label. pulyGRIND® Crystals’s jar, containing small food-grade starch crystals for grinder cleaning, is also made of 100% recycled plastic. This commitment extends throughout the entire pulyCAFF® series, which removes grease residues, eliminates deposits, and neutralizes odors from espresso machine groupheads and filters.