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Maintenance makes espresso taste better, and pulyCAFF® has known this since 1961, when it pioneered the exclusive “applied concept” for cleaning espresso machines: pulyCAFF® Plus. Its wide and complete range of cleaning products respects the machines, the equipment and the operator while enhancing cup quality. Research continues in our laboratories, with a specific focus on environmental considerations in both formulations and packaging.

The history of Asachimici

In 1890 Giovanni Carubelli opened a small lye factory, the soap of once time, born from a combination of ash – which has a weak cleaning action – and water. The formula was refined over the years under the leadership of his son Erminio and his brother-in-law Giacomo, until ASA (acronym for Azienda Saponi Affini) was founded in 1944. In those years, Erminio’s son Giancarlo, a chemical technician and current President of Asachimici, assumed leadership of the company and introduced new surfactants into the production processes, which give better cleaning results: first with hand-wash, then in washing machines, and also when used on new fabrics. It was a specific market demand that brought his attention to espresso machines.

The birth of pulyCAFF®

The world’s first product for espresso machine cleaning, pulyCAFF®, was born in 1961. It emerged as a response to the market’s demand for a product capable of eliminating fine particles and fats that commonly blocked the discharge valve and filters of the espresso machine, hindering its operation. Giancarlo Carubelli– nephew of Giacomo – had the intuition to leverage the active principles used in detergents with new formulations conceived to remove dirt from groups, filters, and portafilters. pulyCAFF® established itself as the first “applied concept” for coffee machine maintenance: the first in a long line of effective cleaning products for espresso machines and coffee grinders under the Asachimici brand.

Our team

Giancarlo Carubelli

Founder and President

Gianfranco Carubelli


Marco Carubelli


Andrea Antonelli

Brand Ambassador and Trainer

Davide Mazzetto

Brand Ambassador and Trainer

Luca Ventriglia

Brand Ambassador and Trainer

The pursuit of cleanliness

Performing proper maintenance on the espresso machine and coffee grinder allows baristas to reduce equipment maintenance costs, ensuring a good espresso and perfect cappuccinos. Alongside increasingly effective and environmentally friendly formulations, pulyCAFF®, is committed to ongoing training and support for baristas. In Italy and around the world, it sponsors coffee-related events and competitions with its Cleaning Experts. The company places great emphasis on the training of end users, the baristas. For this reason, it has developed its “Puly Day®” courses: a free course dedicated to baristas, roasters, and hotel schools, lasting 4 or 8 hours (“Basic” or “Advanced” modules) aimed at increasing awareness on the importance of training for current and future professionals.