pulyGRIND® Hopper


Hopper cleaner

pulyGRIND® Hopper is the practical cleaning product for coffee grinders hoppers and dosers. Made from natural and renewable sources with low environmental impact, it is part of the “Verde” product line and complies with HACCP regulations.
Used periodically, it helps dissolve deposited fats, preventing the oxidative process, with a simple wipe using a cloth or paper towel.
The effectiveness of pulyGRIND® Hopper, combined with its deodorising action, makes it particularly suitable for cleaning the inside and outside of hoppers and dosers, as well as stainless steel surfaces and chrome equipment, leaving them clean and sanitised. It contains no alcohol, leaves no residue or odors, and does not require rinsing.

Available formats

200 ml spray bottle

Cleaning tips

The journey that transforms coffee beans into espresso begins in the coffee grinder.
Its cleanliness is essential to ensure a good espresso: roasted coffee releases some of its oils onto the surface of hoppers and dosers, which quickly oxidise and become rancid, imparting these flavours to the coffee subsequently poured into the grinder.
The result in the cup will be an espresso with evident unpleasant notes.
pulyGRIND® Hopper is very easy to use: once solid residues are removed, it is sprayed onto a clean cloth and wiped over the surfaces until they are clean and dry, without the need for rinsing.

Step by step

Hoppers and dosers – daily cleaning

  1. spray pulyGRIND® Hopper on a cleaning cloth
  2. wipe down until the surfaces are clean and dry
  3. the hopper is ready to use, with no rinsing needed