pulyCAFF® Plus


Cups and teapots cleaner

After several uses, porcelain may undergo unwanted discoloration due to coffee, tea, or lipstick stains. To restore the porcelain to its original white and shine, it is advisable to use pulyCAFF® in one of its two formulations: pulyCAFF® Plus or pulyCAFF® Verde, both recommended for restoring teapots to their original cleanliness too. Both products comply with HACCP regulations.

Cleaning tips

The presence of streaks and dark, colored stains on the surface of the cup conveys a sense of neglect and makes it appear old and poorly maintained. Some resort to classic remedies such as bleach or immerse the cups in a solution with a very aggressive detergent: the cups become white again, but the enamel ends up corroded, increasing the contact surface where coffee and tea residues adhere, depositing fats that become rancid and forming dark streaks and stains. pulyCAFF® Plus and pulyCAFF® Verde, clean the cups while respecting porcelain. The cleaning process is similar for teapots.

Step by step

Cups and teapots – Monthly cleaning

  1. Immerse the cups in hot water with 10gr/l of pulyCAFF® Plus or pulyCAFF® Verde
  2. Let them soak for 15 minutes


  1. Wipe cups with a clean cloth
  2. Rinse the cups with potable water