Puly Cleaner®


Descaler for home and office espresso machines and kettles

Puly Cleaner® is a powdered descaler designed for cleaning boilers, heat exchangers, heating elements, kettles, filter coffee machines, and all coffee extraction machines. Even a thin layer of limescale measuring just 0.3 millimeters has an insulating effect, lowering the temperature by approximately 5 degrees. This forces the machine to work harder to reach the desired heat, often resulting in under-extracted coffee in the cup.

Puly Cleaner® complies with HACCP regulations. It is easy to use, acts quickly, and is safe for food-contact equipment. Odorless and tasteless, it is environmentally friendly.
Not suitable for use with aluminum materials.

Available formats

Lime deposits appear as very hard scale formations that accumulate on the walls and heating elements of coffee machines and kettles. The main consequences are an increasing demand for energy and prolonged water boiling time, resulting in under-extracted products in the cup. On the walls of electric kettles and espresso machine tanks, limescale is a fertile ground for bacterial growth. In the espresso machine, limescale builds up inside valves, filters, and water passages, reducing efficiency until complete blockage or obstruction occurs.

Step by step

Periodical cleaning based on water hardness – max every 30 days
Espresso machines

  1. dissolve 1 sachet of Puly Cleaner® in 1l of water
  2. pour the solution in the machine’s tank, turn it ON/OFF every 30 seconds until exhaustion


  1. rinse the water tank and fill it up with water and turn it ON/OFF every 30 seconds until exhaustion

Electric kettles

  1. dissolve 1 sachet of Puly Cleaner® in 1l of water and pour the solution in the kettle and heat it


  1. switch off and empty the heater
  2. rinse with potable water