pulyCAFF® plus Pastiglie NSF


Superautomatic espresso machine cleaner

Superautomatic machines are devices that autonomously dispense multiple coffee preparations. They are easy to use and contain a sophisticated internal mechanism. To maintain their performance over time, they require daily cleaning interventions.
pulyCAFF® Plus effectively removes coffee residues, grease deposits, and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors in the dispensing group, the solenoid valve, and all water passages of both superautomatic and pod machines.
It complies with HACCP regulations and it’s certified by the NSF International – the US-based public health organization. Formulated with ingredients recognized by the USFDA – U.S. Food and Drug Administration – it ensures cleaning while respecting the operator, the environment, and the machine components it comes into contact with.

Cleaning tips

Coffee beans contain oils and fats that are transported to its surface during roasting. They are the main components of espresso crema, but they oxidise rapidly and become rancid, depositing on the inner walls of the dispensing group (showerhead, filter, and portafilter) where, due to the high temperature, they tend to carbonise. These residues impart an unpleasant and persistent bitter taste to the beverage, compounded by the rancidity caused by oil oxidation, which occurs within 12-18 hours.

Used daily, pulyCAFF® Plus ensures the complete removal of coffee residues and prevents unpleasant odors.

Step by step

Daily cleaning of superautomatic machines

  1. insert 1 pulyCAFF® plus Tab into the opening
  2. follow the cleaning instructions recommended by the machine’s manufacturer

Grouphead, filter and portafilter- pods machines

  1. insert 1 pulyCAFF® plus Tab 1.35 gr in the filter
  2. turn the water flush ON/OFF every 10 seconds for 5 times


  1. start rinsing with the open group
  2. close the group and turn water flush ON/OFF every 10 seconds for 5 times