pulyMILK® Capucino Liquid


Complete detergent for automatic milk frothing machines

As the success of milk-based drinks in cafés is growing, manufacturers of superautomatic machines brought to the market specific equipment that can process fresh milk, stored in special integrated refrigerated containers or placed next to the machine, from which the liquid is drawn to make the selected preparation.

All milk residues shall be removed, both internally and externally, in order to ensure maximum hygiene: a role that pulyMILK® Capuccino Liquid performs exceptionally well.
Used every day, it improves the quality of steam and the texture of milk foam, while reducing usage times.
Tests conducted by certified laboratories highlight the total elimination of pollutants (UNI EN 13727-2014 standard).

Cleaning tips

Milk and plant-based beverages are emulsions composed of sugars, mineral salts, proteins, vitamins, and lipids: proteins contribute to the formation of small bubbles, while the fatty part supports the layering of milk foam.
Upon contact with the warm surface of the automatic frother, milk tends to form deposits of inorganic material, which incorporate organic substances such as fat and proteins that provide a favourable substrate for bacterial growth.
Cleaning the equipment with pulyMILK® Capucino Liquid once a day helps removing internal and external residues, ensures hygienic safety, and enhances steam quality.

Step by step

Milk frother circuit – daily cleaning

  1. pour 25ml of pulyMILK® Capucino Liquid in the milk tank with 500 ml of cold water
  2. turn on the milk frother


  1. pour 1lt of cold water in the milk tank
  2. turn on the milk frother

Soaking cappuccino frother – daily cleaning

  1. pour 25ml of pulyMILK® Capucino Liquid in a washing basin with 500 ml of cold water
  2. place the machine’s components in the basin and let them soak for 20 minutes


  1. rinse twice with potable water
  2. let the components dry