pulyCAFF® Brew-Tabs


Filter coffee brewers and servers cleaning tabs

Filter extractions are increasingly popular in cafes and bars, where they are mostly prepared with specific equipment that requires proper maintenance to remove coffee residues from filter holders and servers. If not removed, these residues become rancid and impart unpleasant odors to the beverages. This task is best accomplished by the pulyCAFF® Brew-Tabs cleaning tablets.

Compliant with HACCP regulations and certified by NSF International – the U.S. National Sanitation Foundation – this product is formulated with raw materials recognised by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Hence, it cleans while respecting the operator, the environment, and the parts it comes into contact with.

Cleaning tips

During roasting, coffee beans undergo significant changes, the most evident of which are the color turning brown, an increase in volume, and the development of a vast array of aromas.

During this transformation, lipids (oils and fats) are transported to the surface of the bean. When they come into contact with the internal parts of the brew basket and the server, they create an oily film. Due to the high temperature, this film quickly oxidises, becomes rancid, and carbonises inside the machine, imparting an unpleasant and persistent taste to the beverage. It is therefore important to remove it quickly (within 12-18 hours).

Step by step

Brew basket and server – Daily cleaning

  1. insert 1 tab of pulyCAFF® Brew-Tabs in the brew basket
  2. brew in 2 liters of water


  1. wait 3 minutes
  2. rinse with cold water